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After many many years in the wedding industry I have so many stories some fabulous, some cringe worthy, and ! I’m not sharing any!

What happens in Vegas…….you know the rest.

What I will share is is the story of this Hype Squad right here! (Bride approved )

Girl Squads this large have to really have their game face on, it includes early start times after a late night, ( no one ever wants to go first) usually one or two gals want to do their own hair or makeup (until they see everyone else’s then they change their mind). So many factors play into how smooth the morning, and getting ready will actually go.

This crew nailed it!

7 am start time, coffee brewing, homemade breakfast pastries, feel good playlist in the background. So I’m going to break down the most important factors when being apart of the “ I, do Crew”.

1. Cyndi Luper said it best! Girls Just want to have fun!

It is so fun getting pampered especially with your girlfriends! Plan ahead ask who the artist is, look at their instagram and website, create an Pinterest Board with all your favorite hair and makeup looks saved. (Choose photos that closely mirror your own features and hair coloring/legnth). Don’t decide day of that you want services, most artist do not allot time or allow add on services, day of requests become stressful for not only the artist but also the bride.

2. Tasks

I know everyone wants to be helpful, running an errand, steaming dresses, etc. However timelines are carefully created to make sure the day runs smoothly and it starts with hair and makeup. Steaming dresses should happen 1-2 days prior, steaming a dress after your hair and makeup will cause frizzy hair, and makeup that is ready to melt off.

3. Party Prep

Every artist comes with their own set of party prep, for me I like to send a little reminder for everyone to come with clean, completely dry hair and a lipstick or lip gloss to touch up with, after the eating and drinking.

4. The Happy Cry

I’ve seen the most thoughtful gifts given to brides this season, love letters from the groom, scrapbooks from the bridesmaids, videos of well wishers. I could not love this more! Make sure the bride is given all her sentimental momentum’s before her hair and makeup! We don’t want those lashes lifting off haha just kidding I use waterproof glue.

5. Who Runs the world (girls)

Your Bride picked you to be part of her I do Crew because your amazing! Have fun, and celebrate.

Have you been a bridesmaid? Do you have a favorite tip to share?


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