Inspo vs. Personal Style


Modern and Minimal

Photography by Anna Peters

Have you ever taken a deep dive into all things Bridal on Pinterest? I’m breaking down a few Bridal Hair and Makeup Looks from this season to help you see how “Style Inspo” translates to wearable wedding makeup and hair. Are you stumped on deciding what your bridal hair and makeup vibe is? Don’t worry, 99% of my clients who come in have hair inspiration photos only and are completely stumped when it comes to makeup. Its hard to decide what is right for you especially since 12 hour wearable, camera ready makeup probably isn’t your daily beauty routine. Most makeup photos you find on Pinterest are highly edited, filtered, and there is NOTHING natural about the makeup, its FULL GLAM even if it doesn’t look like it. That’s the magic of makeup.

Braided and Bold

Photography by Lenaig Delisle

If you come into my studio and ask for a bold red lip, believe me I am going to give you a red carpet ready bold red lip just like I created for this gorgeous gal. If you are a chapstick and mascara gal I may suggest staying true to your style, rock the red lip at your rehearsal dinner or change your lip color for your reception but lean toward a softer more natural color for your photos and ceremony. The key is to look like a glamorous version of yourself , not the time to try a contour, highlight, cut crease Instaglam look. (unless that your usual in that case, lets do it!)


Photography Jeff Spencer

Oh Natural…Natural makeup gets a bad wrap, I have been shown photos of Kylie Jenner, insert Kardashian, tons of celebs, and those “famous” Pinterest Model Photos. I get the appeal, its beautiful and flawless but your not going to achieve that look with a bb cream an tinted lip balm. Trust your artist to create a tailored version of your inspiration photo that perfectly suits you and your style, send a photo of yourself along with a few photos of your dream hair and makeup look, together you will come up with something beautiful.

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