Wedding Advice I didn't know I needed!

Seattle Makeup Artist

I just celebrated my sixth wedding Anniversary, you would think since my career is in the wedding industry I would know a thing or two.

Well…six years ago was pre Pinterest, pre Instagram, and as it turns out I didn’t know a dang thing and I stressed myself out for no reason. There are areas you can save for sure but I’m sharing the things I absolutely wish I had budgeted for in 2013.

Wedding Planner/Day of Coordinator

Hire some help, fit it into your budget! The last thing you need is your phone ringing off the hook asking where to set up a candy station, or where the grooms suite is, or worse letting you know something has gone wrong like the wrong ribbon is on all the wedding party bouquets. I’m sharing a list of my favorite wedding vendors who make planning a wedding look easy breezy ( ITS NOT)

Married with Michelle

Flying Anchor Event

Simply Tamara Nicole


This was not in our budget, photography was a top priority second to my wedding dress and I could not regret more that we don’t have a video to watch on our Anniversary every year, or something to pass on for our kids to watch and relive the fun memories, of the day we committed our lives to each other. My clients have found some sensational Videographers whom I’m sure book up at least 12-18 months in advance so here are a few of my favorites

North Mark Films

April Yentas Photography

First and Foremost Productions

Hair and Makeup

Ok this I had covered but I still had to share, half my hype squad are also professionals so hair and makeup was seamless, on time, lasted all night, touched up when needed (lip only). I can’t stress enough how important choosing your glam team is. They set the tone for how smooth your morning runs, staying on time, I repeat staying on time (just ask your wedding planners). Choose a team of professionals that make this look EASY? (IT IS NOT HAHA)

Top 5 questions to ask?? How long have you been doing hair and makeup for weddings? ( Not just hair and makeup….wedding specific) under 3 years…..keep searching. How soon in advance can I book? Sought after stylist book 12-18 months in advance so get started. What products do you use? Prestige Beauty, Professional, Long wear, if they reply with any drug store brands…keep searching. Does your artist have a website or social media only? This may seem silly but it is not, a professional platform to showcase a well rounded portfolio will speak to the type of artist and style they are.

Michelle Wight Makeup Artistry

Photography Style

Yes this is a thing and I had no idea, we hired a wedding photographer who was just starting out, also see I should have played the Lottery. I had zero clue what my photography style was, Photo journalistic? Fine Art? Illustrative, Traditional? See I told you its a thing, we literally got so lucky with Jessica Raney she has photographed everything from our Engagement photos to the birth of my son she feels like a part of the family now since she has captured every milestone. I can not rave more about her, since photography styles are so personal I also want to share a few other photographers I’ve worked with who all have slightly different styles.

Caitlyn Nikula

Toni Christine

Sullivan and Sullivan

Lenaig Delisle

Anna Peters

Andria Lindquist

Everything Else

In my opinion every other thing that goes into planning a wedding is so incredibly personal, venue, flowers, honeymoon, attendant gifts, dj, cake, food….etc. Booking vendors or DIY is ultimately up to your budget, but in my strong opinion those are four key vendors that are a must have when your in the planning stages, same is true if your planning an elopement.