Hiring a Professional Hair and Makeup Stylist? Why?

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Hiring a Professional Hair and Makeup Stylist


Experience, Professionalism, Timelines, Stocked Kits, Sanitation practices.

Just to name a few of my top reasons for hiring a professional hair and makeup stylist for your wedding. My inbox has had last minute inquiries nonstop the past month. Brides who’s makeup artist have cancelled, Brides who friend of a friend flaked last minute, Bride who’s stylist wouldn’t return emails or texts, the reasons are endless.

Any experienced Bridal Hair and Makeup artist comes equipped with a solid consultation to discuss not just your hair and makeup vision but wedding details, service quantity, timeline, contracts so you can rest assure your stylist is going to show up the morning of your wedding.

Travel experience, I live in Seattle and trust me even though it’s only a few miles to most of my weddings knowledge of parking, venue location, what venues offer valet, road closure work around ( it’s a thing) all part of being an efficient styling team.

Fully stocked kit, when you invest $$$$ on a wedding photographer, you aren’t expected to provide the camera right? The same goes for your hair and makeup team, an experienced stylist will have a kit filled and ready for any client that sits in their chair, any age any skin tone. This may seem obvious but I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve hear where clients are asked if they brought their own xyz.

Time management, I repeat time management did you know that timeline for your wedding day begins with hair and makeup, if time is not managed correctly that pushes everyone back. I can honestly say that in the ten years I have been in the industry I have never finished late. I have four kids so working under pressure is a specialty ha! As seasoned stylist we know your time schedule, we take into account things like, first look, getting into your dress, fun photos in robes with your bridesmaids, champagne toasts, reading the letter from your fiance before we put your makeup on.

Last but not least the styling, an experienced stylist knows cosmetic products, knows how to pair them ensure your makeup lasts all day, they know what to suggest to products for you to use leading up to the wedding, they know how to tailor a look for your specific hair type, eye shape, etc.

I know it’s a lot to take in, so many details that may never have crossed your mind but don’t worry, leave that to the professional.


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